July 3, 2017

Ian Crozier

Final Research Paper
American Urban History

Prof. Manish Chalana

June 9, 2017

“Throughout [the Puget Sound’s] whole vast extent ships move in safety, and find shelter from every wind that blows, the entire mountain-girt sea forming one grand unrivaled harbor and center for commerce.” - John Muir 1888

In the period from 1890 to 1920 steam-powered...

May 15, 2017

The current spurt of population growth in Seattle is a big one. We’re on track to grow by 130,000 people this decade rising to a population of 740,000 by 2020 and it has become journalistic convention to refer to this growth as “unprecedented” – which is odd. Seattle is a city with a short history, but we have an even shorter memory....

March 23, 2017

In Portland Oregon a silver spheroid carries three thousand-odd people per day from the banks of the Willamette river to Oregon Health and Science University’s Marquam Hill hospital five hundred feet above. This aerial tram was constructed to deal with the access problems arising from its challenging physical location. With steep winding roads and limi...

March 9, 2017

Hi Ramez

Thanks for the lecture last night in AP’s class. It was definitely the most informative session on climate change I have ever attended. I’d love it if you could send me the slides.

As I was leaving I have to admit I was feeling a bit disoriented. I’m a Master of Urban Planning student. I like compact cities, active transportation, walkable env...

February 16, 2017

In the past decade the University of Washington has undertaken a major building campaign to replace aging dormitories on the west side of campus, building seven new dorms around Campus Parkway and 12th Avenue. These buildings have positively contributed to the urban environment of the neighborhood in several ways: they have increased the residential ca...

January 30, 2017

In a letter to the editor of the Seattle Times from November 2015 David Sucher proposed taking literally Seattle City Councilmember Juarez’s straw-man argument that we not allow “triplexes on every block” to alleviate the housing crisis. Calculating the number of blocks in single-family zones and the 31,480 unit increase in the housing supply that woul...

July 23, 2015


Travelling around Oaxaca our class had the opportunity to observe and experience the geography of the state, from the northern border to the southern coast. Experiencing the state in this way enriched our understanding of the human history and modern-day economy of the region which have been profoundly affected by its unique geography.

The state of Oax...

July 6, 2015

The ideologies held by powerful elites in Mexico City have had profound effects on Mexico’s development as a country and the lives of Mexicans all across the country. During our four days in the city we visited many sites that powerfully demonstrated different eras in Mexico's history and the ideologies held by the elites of each period. 

 The first pla...

March 1, 2015


In policy discussions “Affordable Housing” is generally understood to mean permanent residential units that are subsidized by either government or non-profit entities and provided to people based on a calculation of their household’s income. The web of sources and the timing of funding for construction and operation of these units are vastly complicat...

February 20, 2015


The Defense Housing and Community Facilities and Services Act, known as the Lanham Act for its conservative sponsor Fritz Lanham, was passed by the United States Congress in October, 1940. It was part of a broad effort to prepare the United States for the industrial challenge of entering WWII. Federal policymakers recognized the need for housing in ma...

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